Open Letter: A Message of Comfort to the Next Generation

anti donald trump riots and a response

Many are dazed and confused, even bewildered after seeing the outcome of our Presidential election. Many of us tracked the polls daily and followed the carefully crafted messages communicated by news networks, talk shows, and shared by millions across social media.

Many of the messages were about how the government is responsible for and able to provide for the needs of all people in America and throughout the world. Everyone’s opinion is valuable and deserves to be protected. Everyone deserves a comfortable lifestyle without having to take responsibility for their actions.

Once you were drawn in to consider that some in the government really care about you, the message started to change. This new message depended on you looking intently at yourself and nothing else. The government should take care of you. Your opinions and freedom should not be hindered by morals or hard work. You should be able to have sex with whomever you want, whenever you want without feeling judged. You should be able to live free from religion and laws that seem unfair in the moment. In fact, other than when it comes to protecting the environment, there are no consequences for any of your choices.

These ideals were so inclusive and comforting that you started to believe the people sharing them. Then the messaging that followed turned. The new messaging had a strong tone toward protecting individual rights, so you went along with it. Here are the three main talking points:

  1. Anyone that requires immigrants to obey the law is a racist.
  2. Anyone that agrees with God that sexual immorality is wrong is a bigot and homophobic.
  3. Anyone that tells a woman that her choice to have a baby is made when she decides to have sex, not after she is pregnant hates women.

How and when did the loving, inclusive, and caring people alongside of you start to mock, slander, and place hateful labels on people like your parents and grandparents who hold to beliefs that our nation was founded on? How all of a sudden did you end up in a group that is bullying people who don’t agree with their opinions with lawsuits and boycotts? Now, perhaps you can start to see why most of America didn’t vote for the platform of caring and inclusivity that you were drawn to join.

“Now, perhaps you can start to see why most of America didn’t vote for the platform of caring and inclusivity that you were drawn to join”

The types of people that founded this great nation, rooted in the belief that this nation of states is one nation under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all still exist today. You don’t hear or see them pontificating on social media because they are busy working, paying taxes, raising their families, coaching little league, and praying. These people did not believe the common message that was communicated like an orchestra throughout the media and shared by millions over social media. These farmers, workers, mothers, fathers, grandparents, and christians, had a foundation of truth and justice strong enough to resist this “progressive” message and vote against it on election day.

In this moment, consider the fact that everything the media said about the chances of Trump being elected was wrong. The professionals, politicians, actors, artists, talk show hosts, and news anchors were all wrong. Everyone on facebook, twitter, snapchat, vine, vimeo… all wrong. The analysts and the polls were all wrong. The people who believe that the government has the capacity to take care of you without tremendous waste and inefficiency are still wrong. Look at the the election map of our nation to see that nearly all the counties in our nation voted for conservative principles that our nation was founded on. This is working and taxpaying America. It is only in areas of dense population that the idea of government control and dependency can survive.

Our nation was founded on the principle that our rights come from God and no government or man can take away from those rights or add to them without bearing the burden. The reason our government is drowning in debt is because we tried to add rights and entitlements beyond the burden our taxpayers could bear. If you have love and compassion for the poor and want to help those in need then I honor you and agree with you. We the people, the churches, the nonprofits, and the business owners are responsible to provide the for those in need, not the government. For every $100 you send to the federal government to help Bob down the street, Bob will get $1 if he’s lucky. Even if Bob gets $10, no one will be there to tell him he needs a shower, teach him a skill, or help him buy work clothes and get a job. Trust good hearted Americans to take care of those in need. American charity already does more good than the rest of the world combined. The government’s role is to provide incentives for us to take care of one another, not to try to do it for us and fail.

“Our nation was founded on the principle that our rights come from God and no government or man can take away from those rights or add to them”

America is already free. Everyone is already free to have their own opinion and live their own lifestyle. We don’t need new laws to protect opinions, we don’t need more government to do anything. We need less governmental control and regulation so we can be creative and innovative as we take our shot at the American dream. Take this opportunity to stop listening to the media. When we stop listening, they’ll start speaking the truth or go out of business. This is how capitalism works.

I’m sorry you are confused about the election results. You were lied to and it’s not fair. Take comfort in the fact that if the media was wrong about the election results, then they were also wrong about Trump being a dangerous, crazy, divisive, homophobic, bigoted abuser of women. If you want to feel better, go do something nice or help someone. If you want advice, talk with someone over 50 who has worked for a paycheck most of their life. Get your hands dirty, help others, work hard and remember all men and women were created equal so we don’t have to legislate that either; it’s already true.

– An older generation