Donald Trump Would “Absolutely” Have Women in His Cabinet as President


Recently Donald Trump was interviewed by CBN’s Dr. Pat Robertson after a rally at Regents University in Virginia. Dr. Robertson asked him about a variety of issues including the economy, jobs, the Supreme Court, gun control, and abortion. They also spoke about Trump’s stance on placing women in his cabinet and other high level positions in his administration if he wins the election.

His response regarding women in leadership in his administration was immediate and direct: “Oh absolutely. Without question.” Of course this is what was to be expected. Donald Trump has historically employed women in his projects and organization at all levels of his company. In fact, he shared, “I’ve probably had 50% or maybe even more than that in executive positions in the Trump organization.”

Donald Trump is proud of his organization and the major contribution that his female employees have made. To read more about the interview, check out the CBN article here